Monday, February 10, 2014

persistance and goal setting

Well, well, well...

look who's back.  It's me.

I may have been gone for a while but I have never stopped thinking of topics that should be blog posts.  That shouldn't surprise anybody who knows me.  I still have the goal of being a successful writer (as in somebody pays me something to read my words) even if it takes me many years and many restarts.  Long term goals are ok by me.  For instance it took me 4 years to run my first marathon after I decided one December that I need to live up to my genetic potential and run a marathon.  It was a New Years resolution that need several years of starting and restarting.  A few years ago, after finishing my first sprint distance tri, I decided I will use that same 4 year plan in order to train for and complete the Ironman.  That was a planned progression but it worked.  Maybe my body likes the 4 year plan thing because it seems like it will take me that long to run again as much as I want to.  That's a long time but it's no problem.  I'm an endurance athlete, that's what we do, we endure, we persist.  I'll get back to the marathon and the ironman one day.  Right now I'm more excited to enter and complete the GW Parkway 10 miler this April.  A local area run in which I sustained a stress fracture last year.  In the distance I'm looking at a half marathon, and I'll maybe enter a few 10k's during the summer.  Right now for me to tackle anything big would be to set myself up for failure.  Not because I'm afraid of big goals or big accomplishments, but rather I'm realistic about the amount of time I have to train and the amount of time my body will hold up to the rigors of training for such an event.

Remember as you work towards your goals, both big and small, to simply keep working.  Some days you'll have a lot of time and energy to give so use it.  Other days you'll have very little time to give so use what you have available.  Just do something, anything, on as many days as you can.  Eventually you'll reach the point where you were meant to be.


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