Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Injury as a path to inner discovery?

So maybe I'm a cyclist after all.  My planter F is back right where it was back in November when I got a cortisone shot.  I've been here for about a month, it sucks.  But this past weekend we went to the beach and, of course, I brought my bike.  I had only one day at the beach since we also had to get back early for Mothers day.  So what do you do if you only have one day at the beach?  You go for a long ride!! 50 miles on glassy smooth freshly paved County highway and their bike lane shoulders.  It was wonderful, I loved it.  The ease of riding is very soothing to me.  As opposed to the violent crashes I take when I was trying to run.  I used to feel like running was 5 times harder then riding.  A (easy) ten mile run felt about as hard as a (fast and hilly) 50 mile ride.


So I am just now adding to a blog post that I started back in May.  Some of you might be wondering where I've been lately.  Weeeellllll I've been a bit busy, you see it seems as if we are going to have ourselves a little addition in about 9 weeks and we are in heavy prep mode.  What are we going to do?  stay or move? move where?  how to turn that room into a baby's room, blah blah blah.  Not to mention I have a new motivation to get more useful and more arduous PT certifications.  So I haven't had time to blog.  I have hardly had time to workout.  I had a few weeks lately in which I could only count my daily 3 mile commute and 2 spin classes as my workouts.  I was getting fat as well, I know right?!?!  ME!!  I didn't actually weigh myself you see, mind you.  I just could tell I've got about 5-10lb's extra.  So what did I do?  I started hitting the Crossfit real hard, upping it from once per week to 3-4.  The metcon stuff and the heavy lifting.  I also made a fateful decision.  I've fully committed to Millie (that's my road bike.  Forrest is my daily commuter but Millie is my first love).  I am a cyclist first and I don't run.  I may run once per week to strengthen my cycling but not for a long while.  Not until the PF is fully gone. 
So the question you must be asking yourselves is this.  Am I really born to run?  The answer...it is too soon to tell.  I've got a lot of life left, 56 years or so.  I'll get to this JFK50 thing after a while (believe it!!), but for now the adventure will be the as yet to be named and gender mystery tiny little person. 

But I would like to share that I had big miles on the bike 2 weeks in the last 3.  I was at the beach over the Memorial Day weekend and I rode all three days.  135 miles in all, it was wonderful.  Just this last weekend I got up early on Sunday (6am!! Dedication!!) just to squeeze in 25 more miles.  It was one of those mornings that was just brilliant out.  Clear, crisp, coolish air.  I was riding hard and was really driving the bike, pushing myself and Millie to our limits...it was fun.

So let's see where this adventure takes me.  Logging off for now but stay tuned.