Friday, April 13, 2012

AARP and the unleven abs

Forgive me my flock, happily I can say...I"M BAAAAAACK!!!

I needed some time to do a big pile of Honey Do's.  I have another big pile to do tomorrow and I didn't want the weekend to get away before I shared with you some thoughts and for whatever crazy reason, I feel like you want to hear my thoughts.

I must have jinxed myself, last time I mentioned getting on the podium at my little trail races that I like to do.  Well for the first time ever in this particular series of trail races, about 15 races in all over the last 3+ years, I did not finish in the top 5, I did not hit the podium.  I mean it's no big deal, right?  I ended up going a little slower then I felt able to do because my feet started to really hurt.  It was a combo platter of the Plantar Faciatis and lots of sharp rocks to step on.  Besides, my goal this year is just recovery and stride transition.  Then why am I still obsessed with it 2 weeks later.  Maybe it's partially due to the passing another birthday last week?*  Maybe it was the weakening of my immune system, as demonstrated by a viscous stomach bug that ripped me inside out for a few days?  Maybe it's because, according to my feet, I'm not as fast a healer as I was 10 or 15 years ago.  Whatever it is, I know I didn't lose my competitive streak, and that's a win for me.

Another thought bouncing around my noggin is my bone headed stubbornness.  I refuse to take my own advice.  I refuse to learn from my vast collection of mistakes.  I feel like my body is talking and I'm not really listening.  My feet have been tender for about 3 weeks now as a result of the natural trail running yet I refuse to stop or change shoes.  I'm the yin and yang of malehood, a tired and whiny old man and a little boy all wide eyed and innocent.  A strong and silent leader of men and a pimply little teenager.  Oh well, such is my life, I'm not going to change soooo.....

Finally, I went to a passover Seder last week.  The matzoh reminded me of my body as few 5 years ago, all flat and ripply and stuff.  Now I'm more like a good sized Matzoh ball, getting round and mushy and maybe even a little smelly and ripe.

*sidenote: I found out last weekend that the age minimum for AARP membership was 50!! WTF?? 50?!?! Sure, they offer great discounts on life insurance, bus tours of Miami Beach and the blue plate special at the Denny's but now that I'm a mere 6 years from AARP-age I feel like I can wait a while before I get to the back half of the inning.

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  1. Jeff, you demonstrate the true attitude of an athlete & winner in this post. You don't want to settle for less than the podium and expect that you'll get there. Love this!

    P.S. If it makes you feel better, I got an application for AARP about 4 years ago...