Saturday, January 21, 2012

another running lesson (re)learned

Rule number 7.3(b) If you work at a gym and are there all the time and are sort of responsible for part of it, then don't workout or run at your gym!! Especially during the prime times, evenings and weekends.

I should know better, I've been doing this fitness thing for 30+ years, essentially my whole life, except for most of my 20's, and I have learned a great number of lessons.  Some of the rule's I challenge from time to time, like this natural running/heel strike thing.  Other rule's stand the test of time.  Perseverance and persistence will always get you where you are trying to go (they also are kinda redundant)!  Keep your shoes fresh, always warm-up before and stretch after a good run, trail running is more fun and better for the body then road running and road running is more fun then treadmill running.  Oatmeal is a good pre run breakfast.

But today I forgot the don't run where you work rule I got about a half mile in and a member stopped me to ask about buying some personal training, damn right I hopped off for that.  Then about 3/4 of a mile in one of my trainers had a problem with her pay, damn it I have to stop to talk her off the ledge. Then exactly one mile in and I had to stop again to help someone else decide on PT.  So I bagged it and went home, I'll do it tomorrow.  I think it might be time to try it outside anyway.  Let's see how the ice effects the new stride.

What's the lesson to take home from today's adventure?  Plan your workout time in your day and hold tight to that appointment with yourself.  I keep thinking I can just get it in because I work there, but I actually have a job and can't just walk away to workout (just like everybody else).  I have to plan my time.  A lesson I learned very well in my Ironman training days, and have since forgot.

Side note: if you are a personal trainer and you want to pick up clients, it would be real easy if you just hang out (and let the sales team and managers know you are hanging out) on the fitness floor during the prime times, like shootin' fish in a barrel.

'till the morrow

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